adventures before, during and after i live in South Africa

Perusing: An Open Letter


Dear Person Contemplating Joining Peace Corps,

I imagine that you’re at a transition point in your life. Perhaps you’ve just graduated, perhaps you’re going through a career change, perhaps you have an itch for something more that can’t be scratched. Whatever the reason, here you are:…

accurate and honest. yay!


nobody follows me. so nobody sees my cool blogs :(

my second blog

hi. still nothing to say really. but this is FUN! 

go blog go.



my first blog

hi world. i still don’t get this blog thing, but here i am providing you with intimate details of my life. 

1. I am moving to south africa to serve in the peace corps!

2. this blog is for all of my lovely friends and family so i can update y’all at the same time!

3. I leave in 85 days!